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Fuel Monitoring System Petrolcontrol

Petrolcontrol is a fuel monitoring and control levies system created by Numak both form hardware and software. Approved by Ministry, Petrolcontrol system allows companies that wish to control and manage the power consumption of their company vehicles 24 hours 24 independently without loss of time and without having to go to external distributors. The Petrolcontrol system is the best solution for anyone who wants to realize a self-service installation with underground tanks or with aboveground tanks, allows the management of the fuel tanks through the Data Management Software that is able to perform the downloading of data into the computer business, in manual or automatic mode. The data is then processed to obtain prints of very detailed summary of the plant.

Management Software

Software compatible with all Windows versions

Main functions of the software:

  • Regular control of the fuel provided for each vehicle, driver, pump unit, construction site; 
  • Control of the fuel available in stock; 
  • Possibility to enter the name of the fuel supplier, litre quantity, date and acquired price; 
  • Managing until 30 construction sites simultaneously, connected by one single software and controlling each vehicle in all construction sites where the refuelling occurs. 
  • Detailed statistical and administrative data;
  • Annexed documentation for each delivery: date, hour, minutes, litres, Operator's N°, vehicle N°, vehicle km. 
  • Kilometre statistics; 
  • General consumption statistics.

The documentation released for each supply:

  • Date – hour – minute
  • Operator's number 
  • Vehicle number, vehicle license plate number 
  • Speed indicator condition at the pick-up 
  • Type of product dispensed
  • External litres
  • Distributed litres for each pump
  • Detection period
  • Refuelling number
  • Total distributed litres
  • Kilometers difference between the first and the last refuelling operation
  • Kilometers average of the vehicles


The technical assistance service throughout the Italian territory is performed by our. staff with vehicles equipped with suitable fittings and equipped with all spare parts, real small traveling warehouses to satisfy every customer need.


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